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User review for "Water Leaves - Big tree of Mizugami - (Language: English)"


Sep/20/2010   By ThePsychoSheep

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Absolutely great game

This is a really great underwater exploration game.

Al tough it resembles Fox Eye's Blue Port by game mechanics there are some new interesting features

One thing was the new Item collecting option.While exploring you will find certain materials that require you to bring them back to Town..Then you will give them to Lorile(One of the characters) and in return she will create a new item,medicine or even an entire new costume.Most of these forged items will open up new areas for exploration

The graphics are not one of the best but still look great for a low polygon render.The underwater environments and level design are unique.The character portraits are well drawn

The story and setting is interesting but not one of the most memorable

Overall fans who love exploring big environments with mysteries and danger..underwater I think they will like this game very much and is worth downloading.The full game features even bonus material 8D!

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