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User review for "I Don't Understand"

オススメ! A Good Selection of 4-coma Parodies of M*doka

Feb/20/2012   By Rodan_Master

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Ryukon's "I Don't Understand" (Wake ga Wakaranai yo) is a doujin containing a number of 4-coma comics parodying Mahou Shoujo M*doka M*gica (1 4-coma for each of the 5 main characters)

To begin; the art in "I Don't Understand" is quite good. Although the art within the comics is hit and miss, the character art featured along side each of the comics is quite well done. Being a parody, good humor is to be expected and "I Don't Understand" delivers pretty well in this department. The comics are all fairly clever and funny.

Overall "I Don't Understand" is a pretty worthwhile purchase if you're a fan of M*doka.

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