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User review for "World End Economica episode.1"

オススメ! What is Wealth?

Oct/21/2013   By Randomguy664

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Think about the question. It's a question that the writer thinks about in this game. What is the purpose of wealth? Also explored. What is a noble goal? Also explored.

World End Ecnomica has an absolutely gripping story. I know little of business, the stock market and the financial world. These things are the focus of the story and provide a great deal of drama, tension and excitement of the game. (Explanation is given, so you don't need to be an expert to enjoy.) Alongside this story of hitting it big is the story of a young man as he approaches adulthood, and what that really means. To be a 'big-shot', be a leader in society with a space elevator full of money isn't adulthood. Also tied into this plot of business and becoming an adult and learning what that means is a young love story between our money-obsessed protagonist and a girl who's head is full of mathematical formulas.

The plot made me cry. The plot had me biting my nails in suspense. The plot had me DYING for episode 2 to come out.

Characters that I dismissed as side characters in the beginning turned out to be endearing major or supporting characters. Even the guy that has a Hitler mustache is a sympathetic character. (No joke.)

The music is great. The art is great, but there's an unfortunate sparseness to it. Too many cute or cool moments are left without images (lap pillow,Kiss!) A lot of the most dramatic stock market trades are detailed over a black background. (This gets somewhat better later on.)

Too many good Japanese games are never sold in English. The fact that this one is and was translated by the circle is a godsend. Bless you Spicy Tails for making this available in English (and extremely well-priced too!)

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