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User review for "Another Apocalypse"

Good shmup

Oct/15/2012   By FetusZero

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In a world where there literally is a sea of shmups available to the fans, why would we pick up Another Apocalypse, especially since it seemed to have went under the radar? Because it is a simple game, has good music, nicely drawn scenes (albeit not animated) and overall is a satisfying game. And for those out there who may enjoy it, the main character is also cute.

The one drawback for some veterans is that the game doesn't come with much of scoring mechanic. You just shoot at enemies and avoid dying, grazing bullets as you may please and thus your score increases. I know that for many people, a hefty scoring mechanic is a must, but they won't find such a thing in AA. If you are, like me, someone who enjoys shmups purely for the fun of it and for the survival, then this guy should satisfy you and be a good addition to your library.

To top it off, physical copies are becoming hard to find, coupled with the low price offered here, it makes this an easy and worthy purchase.

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