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User review for "SorcerLand"

オススメ! A Highly Recommended Purchase

Nov/17/2014   By solaire

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I decided to take the time to write a review for this action platformer because i was impressed by its high quality and the incredible amount of content it's packed with, among other aspects it's especially worth mentioning the astounding number of different enemies found in each level.

Each one of the three characters has his own set of moves as well as your choice of three different special attacks. After you've looted enough cash from your defeated enemies, you can visit the towns on the worldmap to buy items and new abilities for your character like blocking, counter, double jump and so on.

It should be pointed out that the currently available version of the game will soon receive a free update with a lot of of new levels, a new playable character (a sexy kunoichi fox), more bosses and new special moves for the 3 characters that are already playable.

In closing, this game is packed with a ton of content, the sprite graphics of its stages and characters are very polished, each one of the playable characters has a very distinct fighting style and basically for less than a dollar you get a game that normally would easily cost ten to twenty times more.

Lastly, i want to point out that this is NOT a hentai game and in reviewing it i held it up to the the same standard and level of scrutiny i would have any non hentai doujin/indie game and as i already stated it passed my examination with flying colours.

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