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User review for "Rosenkreuzstilette"

オススメ! Amazingly good platformer

May/07/2018   By Dr Tentacles

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Rosenkreuz Stilette (Stiletto of rosicrucianism) is an homage to Megam*n but include also other references like M*rio, C*stelv*nia, B*mber M*n or even T*uhou. The game can be divided in two parts. In the first one, you choose which one of the 8 stages you want to challenge and gain a new weapon when defeating the boss of the selected stage. The second one is more classic and is composed of multiple stages that you challenge in a linear order. I was pleasantly surprised by the lifespan of the game and the length of the second part, which allow you to fully enjoy the use of the weapons that you have get in the first part.

The art and design of the various stages are great, each of them having a strong feeling. My favorites are the stage of Schwer Muta (full of dumb traps) and the stage of the garden in the last boss fortress (full of reversible gravity). Bosses themselves are good, the first eight have their specific personality (cool girl, loyal warrior, introvert girl, dumb bird…) and those of the final stages are often original (I am fond of the two first bosses in Sepperin stage). The last boss is the type of character that I like, cutely evil.

About the game itself, without surprise, it is a platformer action game and falling often results in the lost of one live. Against the bosses, the main difficulty is to found the weapon which is the weak point of the boss. Thankfully, the “heal potions” that you found are not lost when you use a continue so you can create a stock by willingly dying in stages where you can easily get one of them. Without this trick, the game difficulty could be pretty high.

Lastly, the story is interesting with a twist introducing the last boss. Dialogues between the heroin and foes are well managed and do not disturb the action part. I highly recommend the game if you like platformer. Strangely, the sequel, Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel , has been produced under another circle name, just use the search tool to find it.

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