Download Version: Enter the License Key

By entering the license key (16 digits) printed on the back of the license card, you can add the digital product data to "My Items" of your DLsite account. (Once added, you can download it an unlimited number of times.)

Please enter the license key 4 digits at a time (16 total digits) and click the [ Submit ] button.
If you wish to copy and paste the 16 digits all at once, paste them into the leftmost box.


  • The license key is valid for one member account only. You cannot use the same key again with another account.
  • You cannot cancel the use of the license key. Please take note.
  • The license key cannot be reissued. Please keep it secure.

You need to have a DLsite account to use this feature.
If you have not yet joined membership program, please create an account for free.

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